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Sophie's Story

I asked my wife if she could change things so she never had cancer, would she?  There was a long pause before Sophie responded.  "No.  If it wasn't cancer, it would have been something else."


In June of 2018, my wife, Sophie was diagnosed with leukemia - a cancer of the blood.  Within 48 hours of her diagnosis, she found herself in the hospital getting (induction) chemotherapy - a hospital stay that would last 26 days.

At the conclusion of induction chemo, Sophie started the first of 3 cycles of consolidation chemotherapy - going in 3 days a week over the course of a month.

12/11/18 Blog Post - Welcome to my last official blog post!  Why the last?  Because I’m in complete remission.  The latest biopsy was 100% clean…no sign of cancer anywhere!  My doctor was super happy to give us the news today, and we were overjoyed to hear it.  It’s done.  I’m back to living my life.  The last six months feel like a dream.  Did all of that really happen?

Our celebration was short-lived, however, as Sophie suffered a relapse in May of 2019.  While not unheard of, it was still devastating to all of us.


Our doctor informed us that the best course of action would be new rounds of chemotherapy. plus the addition of a transplant.  Our initial reaction was, "Of course, then that's what we'll do."  Then, a day before Sophie was due to begin the process...she stopped.   

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